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Welcome to Vermont Secondary College

Vermont Secondary College promotes the achievement of excellence in a learning environment that is safe and caring, and embraces diversity.

Our College is committed to the development of lifelong learning skills that motivate and enable all students to achieve their individual goals and make a positive contribution to the global community.

"Vermont Secondary College's true worth lies in its ability to help
the children grow
as people, not just as students" - parent

Fri, 4/4/2014 Science wing & Admin facilitiesPremier The Hon Dr Denis Napthine MP, was joined by Member for Forest Hill Neil Angus announced the funding of $2.7 million to build a new Maths & Science wing at Vermont Secondary College - see Media Releases "Better facilities for students in Seaford, Cranbourne West and Forest Hill" and from Neil Angus MP, State Member for Forest Hill.
Tue, 22/4/2014 First Day of Term 2
Fri, 25/4/2014 ANZAC Day
Wed, 30/4/2014 Year 8 House Activity Day Consent Form
Tue, 6/5/2014
Fri, 9/5/2014
Year 9 PEP One - 3 Day “Life Skills & Goal Setting Program" Consent Form
Wed, 7/5/2014 University of Melbourne Mathematics Competition
Tue, 13/5/2014
Thu, 15/5/2014
Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN
Tue, 20/5/2014 ICAS Competition - Computer Skills
Wed, 4/6/2014 ICAS Competition - Science
Mon, 16/6/2014 2014 School Immunisation Program electronic consent forms to be printed, completed and returned to Sick Bay ASAP
Year 7 - Chickenpox Varicella & HPV - 16/6/2014, 21/10/2014
Year 9 Boys - HPV - 16/6/2014, 21/10/2014
Year 10 - Boostrix Adolescent DTP - 16/6/2014
Mon,  16/6/2014 ICAS Competition - Writing
Tue, 17/6/2014 ICAS Competition - Spelling
Tue, 28/7/2014 ICAS Competition - English
Tue, 12/8/2014 ICAS Competition - Mathematics
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