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Year 7 Transition Program

At Vermont the Year 7 Student Managers, Junior Program Managers and teachers are committed to ensuring the transition from primary to secondary school is a positive experience for students and parents. Consequently we encourage parents to make contact with the school whenever they feel the need.

Often questions arise about the transition process. We would love to be able to answer your questions and put your mind at rest. You can either email your questions to

Given that many students are entering into a Year 7 group that has the same population size as their total primary schools, it can be a little daunting for some students in the initial stages. However, we are very conscious of this, and take a great deal of care with the placement of students. With the support of the Integrated Studies teachers and Year 7 teachers in general we aim to provide a transition program that ensures a happy and smooth movement into their secondary school education.

There are many components to the Vermont Secondary College program:

  • In Term 1 the Year 7 Transition Team visit the major cluster primary schools to explain the school program and to deal with questions and concerns of prospective students.
  • In late Term 1 the Information Evening for Prospective Parents is held in conjunction with the Open Evening.
  • During Terms 1 & 2 VSC conducts school tours for prospective students and their parents.  Bookings through the General Office are essential, and tours fill quickly.
  • Throughout the year the Grade 5 and 6 students are invited to visit the Secondary College. They may participate in some classroom activities with VSC students and attend the College production.
  • The Student Wellbeing Coordinator visits primary schools in September and discusses student progress with Grade 6 teachers and Coordinators. Student placement is also discussed with the Grade 6 teachers. Visits by teachers in different curriculum areas, (Maths, Language, etc.) may also occur at this time.
  • A Transition Education Package for all new enrolments is sent to all students in November each year. It contains:
    • A Year 7 Booklist and uniform details
    • A Year 7 Students & Parents Handbook
    • A Confidential Student Enrolment Form
    • Parent Information Evening details and other relevant literature
    • Orientation Day detail
    • Year 7 Transition Camp details
  • An Information Evening for our new year 7 families is held prior to the Orientation Day so that parents can be introduced to key personnel at VSC, find out about the curriculum and organisational structures of the school, and ask questions about School policies and procedures.  Students will have their first House meeting on this evening.
  • Students attending primary schools from which less than 3 students are coming to VSC are invited to attend for a day prior to Orientation Day to familiarise themselves with the College and meet other students from smaller schools.
  • In early December Orientation Day is held. Students are placed in their forms and work with their Integrated Studies teachers. Voluntary levies are also collected on this day. Current Year 7 Form Captains and senior students selected from the House Student Leaders spend the day with the new students.
  • Integrated Studies (English, History and Geography) is a major part of the Year 7 program. This enables students to identify with one teacher for a large part of the week; similar to their primary school experience.
  • During Term 1 of Year 7, the Year 7 Camp, the REACH Workshop and the Year 7 Barbeque are all held to help students settle in.
  • The Student Wellbeing Coordinator and Student Managers run a class-based program to help establish healthy class and school relationships.
  • Later in the year, the Year 7 Forum and House Activity Day help to consolidate the connections the students are making with their peers.

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