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During its 35th Anniversary celebrations in 1997 Vermont Secondary College established its 'Heritage Gallery' which contains photographs and brief resumes of significant past students.

The College is keen to recognise past students who have made significant contributions in their chosen careers and/or to society in general.

We would like to extend our gallery which currently contains over 50 photographs of past student including engineers, film producers, teachers, technologists, landscape designers, musicians, architects, police and military officers, and sports and business people. There are 3000+ past students of the College and we certainly would like you to contact us.

If you are an ex-student of Vermont Secondary College/High School and would like to be included in the Heritage Gallery, please complete the proforma and return it by post with an appropriate photograph to:

Assistant Principals
Vermont Secondary College
P O Box 138
Vermont VIC 3133

Ex-students who would like to visit the College to observe the many changes, catch-up with some teachers (many of whom are still here!) and perhaps bring their photographs for the Heritage Gallery are welcome to phone to arrange a convenient time.

We would be delighted to include you in our gallery of achievers. If you require any further information feel free to contact us.

Hall of Fame

Vermont Seconday College recognises that the following past sudents have earned the staus of "famous", either across the world, Australia, locally or just within the school grounds.

Gillian Armstrong - Attended 1973 to 1979

International film director

Betty McArthur - Worked at the school 1974 to 1998

Canteen manager for the school for many years. On the weekends she could be found at the Vermont Football Club running their canteen. In 2006, one of Betty's children; Glenda Phelps wrote the following...

My mum Betty McArthur
Mum worked tirelessly her whole life, both voluntarily and earning a wage. My first memory of Mum working was at a pin factory at Mitcham alongside the railway line. In those days, I was allowed to catch the bus after school to Mitcham and walk down to the factory to wait until she had finished work. I don't remember what her job was there but there were 'lots of pins'.

For over 50 years Mum was devoted to our local footy team, Vermont, working voluntarily for 30 of them in their canteen, cooking hundreds of hot dogs and thousands of chips. Many a Friday night was spent helping Mum to stock up the canteen in readiness for the next day's footy match. There were never enough hands to help so I was often called in to help.

The only time she got to watch the game was half way through the last quarter when she could be seen hanging over the fence and screaming at the umpires. I will never forget the day she was honoured by the club in naming the pavilion after her. She was so proud and happy and literally lost for words!!

At the same time Mum managed the canteen at the Vermont High School. In the 25 years she was there, I only remember her having half a day off with the flu. The only reason she had to retire was because Workcare wouldn't cover her because of her age but she loved every minute of it, the teachers, the kids (who knew her as 'Mrs. Mac') and she always maintained what a good school it was. Her very favourite staff member was the original head master Mr. Frank Douglas. Her three children and three of her grandchildren attended Vermont High School.

When Mum first started at the school, the canteen was in the little old house that remains on the school grounds. On an average of once a month, it was broken into by kids looking for lollies and drinks. We were often called up there on a Sunday night to clean up the mess in readiness for the next day. My one memory of the canteen was hanging out for any left over donuts or cakes that Mum would bring home for us.

Even though Mum had so much on her plate, she always found time to be involved in our dancing lessons, both ballroom, ballet and tap dancing. Even Sundays we were always driving to the city for lessons.

Mum was such a devoted person to her work and voluntary work, but most of all she was devoted to her family. We were all involved in some way or another and we too loved every minute.
Our memories are still so vivid and we will cherish them forever.

Jocelyn Moorhouse - Attended 197? to 1978

Movie writer and director. AFI Award winner. Producer of Muriel’s Wedding, Proof, Death in Brunswick, Rabbit Proof Fence.

Vincent Markesteyn - Attended 196? to 19??

Star of Australian and American television

David Moody - Attended 1962 to 1968

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