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45th Anniversary - June 23, 2007

For the past twelve months, a small group has been meeting to plan celebrations for the 45th anniversary of the school. We plan to celebrate this milestone on the 23rd. June 2007 with a Saturday night gathering at the college.

The people on this committee have been scanning old photographs, gathering an ex-student database, creating a web page and tracking down memorabilia to create an archive at the college. The Vermont Secondary College staff, led by Jenny Osler is keen to celebrate the 45th Anniversary in style!!

We are very much looking forward to hearing from all past students who would be interested in attending this function, from those who started in 1962 to those who left last year.

If you are still in contact with old school friends, please have them check the Past Students Association website for more information. We would like as many people as possible to attend this warm-up for the 50th in 2012!!!!

The sign in sheets are available for viewing.


I was in Form 1 (Year 7) and one day I was talking to my sister, Bev, in the corridor. Mr. Priestly walked up from behind me, lifted me up and carried me away whilst my sister just laughed. - Lindsay Brown


During a maths class Mr. Priestly jumped out the window. Not sure why. - Lindsay Brown

The Vermont Cup - 19** to 1976?

The Vermont Cup was an annual fundraising event. Each form would raise money during the year and in about August there would be an auction of the teachers as "horses". On another day, the whole school would gather at the oval with a 100 yard straight track marked out. Each horse would have a jockey from the form and there would be a mad dash for the finish line. Whilst not always a "clean" race, it was always fun. The money probably either went to charity or the building of the Gym. I don't remember why it stopped being run.- Lindsay Brown

The passing of friends

Mr. (Michael) Priestly (Teacher) - 198?
Kevin Fleming - 198?
Lisa Reid - 198?

Deidre Lowery (Teacher) - 2008
Deidre Lowery, who has been intimately associated with Vermont Secondary College for over 30 years, passed away peacefully after a brief struggle with a recurring illness.
Read the full article in the college newsletter (593Kb).

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