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Instrumental Music & Vocal

We, the Instrumental Music team here at Vermont Secondary College are excited to be able to offer your child the opportunity to be involved in our outstanding Music Program which has an excellent reputation both within the local community and the State.

We believe all children can benefit from learning an instrument and we will endeavor to provide the environment under which every new student to the school can explore their potential. Our aim is to enhance and challenge our students to improve on their theoretical and practical skills with both a weekly Instrumental Music lessons as well as a place in one or more of our many Ensemble groups. We aim to nurture creativity and encourage a positive and fun learning experience for students at all levels.

Music Ensemble

This program is an Optional Education Item payable in advance and if you want your child to participate you will need to return the Instrumental and Vocal Music Program Enrollment Form.

Music Ensemble

Our program has a long history of both community based events and affiliations which give our students the fantastic opportunity to perform throughout the year for various events around the local community and inner Melbourne.

Students may learn any of the following instruments:

french hornpercussionviolinviola
celloguitarelectric bassand/or participate in Choral Training

Music Ensemble

When students have gained a reasonable level of proficiency they are included as members of Orchestral Groups, Bands and Choirs. These groups perform at competitions, College assemblies, concerts and other musical functions throughout the year.

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