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dramaThe College presents an annual production. Drama and Theatre Studies students are joined by a host of other students and are involved in sound, lighting, set design & construction, costumes, make up, front of house as well as performance.

There is a high level of parent and staff involvement in the production which runs over a two week period in August/September.

Year & Name of production Year & Name of production
2017 Honk 2002 Annie Get Your Gun
2016 Legally Blonde 2001 In Your Dreams
2015 Aida  2000 Canterbury Tales
2014 Seussical 1999 Heroes
2013 Footloose 1998 The Three Musketeers
2012 Beauty & The Beast 1997 Gumshoe
2011 Henry 1996 How The West Was Warped
2010 In Your Dreams 1995 Bats
2009 Annie 1994 Canterbury Riders
2008 How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying 1993 The Crucible
2007 The Pajama Game 1992
2006 How The West Was Warped 1991 Our Town
2005 Gumshoe: The Spy Musical 1990 Make You A Star
2004 Zombied 1989 Rome Sweet Rome
2003 The Hunchback Of Nostradamus 1988 Sheik, Rattle and Roll


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