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Vermont Secondary College has a long history of excellence in Sport and we encourage all students to to participate in Inter-School competitions each term.

Team sports offered by term:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
  • Cricket (boys and girls)
  • Baseball (boys)
  • Softball (girls)
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Aussie Rules Football (boys and girls)
  • Netball (boys and girls)
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Hockey

If teams are successful at Division level they can progress through to Regional and State competitions of which the majority are scheduled during Term 4.

As well as a wide range of team sports, students are encouraged to participate in the VSC House Swimming Carnival (Term 1), VSC House Athletics Carnival (Term 1) and the VSC House Cross Country Competition (Term 2) to gain points towards the yearly House Cup.

From their participation in these events, students can then be selected to represent Vermont Secondary College in the Division teams, and if successful can progress through to Regional and State competitions.

Detailed Sports Results and information for Regional and State Finals for the year can be found here.

VSC House Swimming Carnival

On Wednesday 15 February, all VSC students travelled to Monash Aquatic Centre for the annual House Swimming Carnival.

The challenge was on – who would take home the house cup for 2017!

The day started out beautifully for all houses, with Hotham, Macedon and Stirling all in very close contention through the Freestyle events.  It was during the Backstroke events where Hotham and Stirling really surged forward – with the final result coming down to THE VERY LAST RACE OF THE DAY!!


Congratulations to all students and staff in Stirling House – 2017 House Swimming Champions!

1st - Stirling – 749 Points

2nd - Hotham – 747 Points

3rd - Macedon – 547 Points


VSC House Athletics Carnival

On Friday 10 March, all students and teachers travelled to Bill Sewart Athletics Track for our annual House Athletics Carnival! We were extremely lucky again with the weather this year – a beautiful sunny day!

The participation rate this year was sensational – with many of our junior field events with over forty students and unprecedented numbers in our track events (we had to have heats for the 400m events!!)

All students who participated this year are to be commended on this super effort.

As far as the House Cup was concerned – the lead shifted numerous times throughout the day, with Hotham, Macedon and Stirling all in close contention at around midday.

However, much the same as the Swimming Carnival, Hotham and Stirlng surged forward in the second half of the day – with Stilring coming out on top again!  This is the first time one house has won both competitions since 2014 when Macedon achieved this!


1st – Stirling – 1568

2nd – Hotham – 1405

3rd – Macedon – 1287


VSC Cross Country Competition

On Thursday 21 April, around 200 VSC students travelled to Bellbird Dell over the course of the day to compete in the Cross Country Competition. Students ran either a 3km or 5km course (dependant on age group) through Bellbird Dell to gain a place in the VSC Cross Country Team.  The lead shifted many times throughout the day, but Macedon had the numbers in the final event of the day to take out the competition.


House Cup Points:

Hotham - 106       Macedon - 147       Stirling - 125

Our successful Division Cross Country team, who won the Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Overall Shields in the Waverley Division Competition in 2016.

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