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Student Representative Council

Purposes & Aims:

  • To originate, and develop a wide range of student activities which will make the school a more rewarding place for students to pursue an academic education and develop social and recreational skills
  • To ensure all students have the opportunity to be educated on social justice issues
  • To represent the students of VSC on the decision-making bodies in the college
  • To encourage student participation in all areas of decision-making by conveying students' ideas and suggestions to the relative committees of the college council
  • To aid in promotion of a spirit of co-operation between administration, staff and students in working towards common goals
  • To raise funds to improve the welfare of students, enhance the school environment and support local and overseas charities.

Visions for the upcoming year:

  • Active student ownership of the SRC
  • A greater emphasis on school activities for all students
  • Develop student leadership amonst SRC members
  • Greater communication between SRC members and the student body
  • Increase in knowledge about social justice issues
  • A positive and worthwhile experience

Fundraising for charity activities included:

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