Vermont Secondary College offers an outstanding instrumental music program, which strives to produce independent, creative and competent musicians.

Vermont Secondary College understands and values the benefits of instrumental music education. The program enhances student engagement with school, allows for personal and social development and benefits students overall learning. Music education may also provide employment pathways and add value to students’ lives.

The Program

The instrumental music program at Vermont Secondary College is primarily ensemble based. All students are in an ensemble and they have a weekly lesson on their chosen instrument.

The Ensemble Program

  • Rookie Band, Concert band & Symphonic Band
  • Junior and Senior String Orchestra
  • Junior & Senior Guitar Ensemble
  • Junior & Senior Choir
  • Stage Band
  • Contemporary Bands

Vermont Secondary College offers tuition on the following instruments:

  • Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium & Tuba
  • Percussion (which includes drums)
  • Violin, Viola & Cello
  • Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon & Oboe
  • Voice
  • Guitar & Electric Bass


You can contact the music office via the school phone number 8872 6369. There is a voice mail facility so we do not miss your call. Either Mr Khristian Mizzi, the instrumental music administrator or Mrs Kim Green, the Instrumental Music Leader, will return your call if you leave a message.

Alternatively, contact us via email at:


At Vermont Secondary College, we have a dedicated, experienced and professional team of instrumental music teachers who deliver the program. There are also two classroom teachers and other support staff.

Ms Emma Avery-Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Voice & Choir   Mrs Sally Barkla-Tuesday Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba & Stage Band Director
Ms Liz Clarke-Full time at Vermont SC Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Classroom Music & Symphonic Band assistant   Mr Anthony Foon-Thursday Trumpet, French Horn & Rookie Band Conductor
Mr Rob Gaston-Monday & Friday Guitar,  Electric Bass & Junior Guitar Ensemble   Mrs Kim Green-Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Instrumental Music Leader, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, String Orchestra (Shared), Concert Band (Shared), Junior String Ensemble & Rookie Band Assistant.  
Mr Josh Licht-Tuesday & Wednesday Percussion Mr Khristian Mizzi-Full time at Vermont SC Administration and Contemporary Program convenor
Ms Svetlana Mishuk-Full time at Vermont SC Classroom Music   Mr Edward Mogilevsky-Thursday Violin, Viola, String Orchestra (shared) & Junior String Ensemble assistant.
Mr Benjamin Muddyman- Thursday Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe & Concert Band Conductor (Shared)   Mr Jeremy Shannon-Full time at Vermont SC Instrumental Music Data base, Timetable & Symphonic Band Conductor
Mrs Imogen Willson- Thursday (am only) Cello  


The Vermont Secondary College Instrumental Music Program primarily funded from the student fees. These are kept low due to some regional subsidies and school support.

 The fees cover lessons and ensemble costs including staff, sheet music, equipment maintenance and other program-associated costs.

Additional costs incurred by students may include instrument purchases or hire, excursions, transport costs, AMEB or other optional exams and sheet music.



2020 Instrumental Music Fees

Instrumental Music Lessons (including voice)            $530 per year

Additional Instrument Lesson                                     $265 per year for each additional instrument

VCE Units 3 & 4                                                         $480 per year

Instrument Hire Fee                                                    $200 for each instrument hired

Ensemble Only Fee                                                     $130


These will be completed via compass in 2020. Families will be notified when this process need to be done.


Most new enrolments are done at the end of each year for the following year. Students wishing to enrol during the school year may do so provided there are spaces available. They enrol on compass.


The instrumental music program at Vermont Secondary College is an Ensemble program. All students learning an instrument at school are expected to be in an ensemble. Ensemble rehearsals take place outside the normal school timetable, before school, after school and during lunchtimes.

All ensembles except the Junior String Ensemble begin at the start of the year.

Students may be in as many ensembles as they wish with no extra cost.

Students who learn their instrument outside school are welcome to take part in the ensemble program.


Students perform in school uniform. Most of the performances require winter uniform with a white collared shirt, jumper and long pants (boys) Shorts are not appropriate. They must also have correct lace up school shoes. Students in the symphonic band require long white socks for marching. When required, the school provides ties.


Rookie Band Thursday 7.40-8.30am Beginners
Concert Band Wednesday 3.30-4.30pm Intermediate
Symphonic Band Thursday Friday 3.30-4.45pm 7.40-8.30am Advanced
Junior String Ensemble Thursday 7:40-8:30am Beginners
String Ensemble Thursday 3.30-4.30pm Intermediate/Advanced
Junior Guitar Ensemble Monday 3.20-4.10pm Beginners
Senior Guitar Ensemble Thursday Lunchtime Intermediate
Stage Band Tuesday 3.30-4.15pm Advanced
Senior Vocal Group Monday    
Choir Tuesday 3.30-4.15pm Beginner/Intermediate
Contemporary Bands Mostly Wednesday Lunchtime Various



Since music is a performing art, the school places a high value on providing performance opportunities for students. There are a range of school-based performances, including two large ensemble concerts, a series of soirees for solos and small ensembles, contemporary concerts, assemblies and lunchtime concerts. As well as this ensembles perform at Victorian School Bands Festival, ANZAC day march, Mooroolbark Festival, Ballarat Eisteddfod, Fetes, Carols at Federation Square, NEVR Concert in Hamer Hall, NEVR Battle of the Bands and other performances as they arise.


Students all receive a weekly 35-minute group lesson. Groups are determined according to level and learning style. They may have up to five students but for the more obscure instruments such as French horn, Oboe or Bassoon, they are much smaller.

Students come out of their normal class to attend their music lesson. For instrumental music, the 4 periods on the college timetable are divided into eight so students miss half a class each week. The instrumental music timetable rotates so a different class is missed each week. Where a student learns from a teacher who is in more than one day per week at the school, the timetable rotates over all the teachers’ days.

Students access their timetable on compass. There is also a copy pinned to the instrumental music notice board and it shows up on the class teachers roll.

Year 11 & 12 students will have lessons scheduled during study periods, lunchtimes, before school or after school in order not to miss normal classes. 

Students studying VCE music performance will have an individual lesson at a time negotiated with the students.


Like all programs at Vermont Secondary College, the instrumental music program follows a documented curriculum.

Student progress is reported via the normal school report. Parents are welcome to contact teachers at other times if they wish to discuss their child’s progress.

Assessment Tasks

  1. Technical Work
  2. Performance Exam (term 4)
  3. Solo Performance (term 2 & 3)
  4. Ensemble Performance


All students learning an instrument at Vermont Secondary College, excluding voice, require an instrument to practice. There are several ways of obtaining an instrument.

New Instruments

Students wishing to purchase their own instrument should seek advice from the music faculty to ensure they get a suitable student instrument. It is best to avoid instruments from local supermarkets. Music staff are able to give best advice to ensure quality and good resale potential.

Second Hand Instruments

There are many good second hand instruments around. Music staff are happy to give advice and even check instruments to ensure they work. Again, it is best to stick to known quality brands.

School Hire

Woodwind, brass & string students are able to hire instruments through the school subject to availability. Students and parents are required to fill out a hire form and return it to school prior to the student taking the instrument home. Parents are advised to insure large expensive instruments. Details are on the hire form.

Guitar & bass

It is expected that guitar and electric bass students own their own instrument to practice on at home. There are instruments available at school for students to use in their lessons. Teacher are happy to provide advice regarding suitable types.


Students learning percussion at school are expected to own their own Drumsticks, Drum Pad, Mallets and Glockenspiel. They may hire Glockenspiel & Drum Pad through the school.


The school is happy to put students through AMEB examinations. Students will be advised by their teacher as to the suitable time and procedure. AMEB forms are available through the music office. There is an extra charge for students wishing the school to arrange their accompanist.


The Music Support Group consists of parents, guardians, staff, students and friends who support the music program in a number of ways. They meet twice a term for an hour on Wednesday evenings from 7.00pm-8.00pm. This group assist at concerts, provide ideas and feedback and raise some funds for the music program. During term two and three, the music support group runs a sausage sizzle at recess, which provides valuable funds for the music program.