The curriculum at Vermont Secondary College is rich, varied and challenging. Drawing on the Victorian Curriculum (7–10) and Victorian Certificate of Education Curriculum (11-12) it supports the development of a broad range of skills and knowledge in learning environments that are engaging and challenging whilst being developmentally appropriate and allowing all students to thrive.

Teaching and Learning at Vermont Secondary College is informed by the VSC Instructional Model. This Model provides a clear statement of expectations for our teaching staff and aims to encapsulate both the learning & teaching and the engagement & wellbeing cultures that have developed over the years of the college’s existence.


Students at Vermont Secondary College are offered a range of opportunities for extensions. In Years 7–9 this is primarily through a differentiated curriculum that supports all students to achieve regardless of differences in starting point and rate of learning. At Year 10 students those students who have a history of academic success and have demonstrated a history of positive attitudes and behaviours towards learning are offered the opportunity to access ‘advance placement’ VCE unit 1 and 2 classes. This leads to the completion of unit 3 & 4 studies in Year 11.


The school also runs a Learning Enrichment and Extension (LEEP) program in Years 7–9. This program designed to meet the needs of talented and gifted students. The rigorous and challenging academic program provides students with an opportunity to work with like-minded students in a supportive and encouraging environment.