Vermont Secondary College has a long history of excellence in Sport and we encourage all students to participate in the Sport Program over the course of the year. 

The college participates in the School Sport Victoria competitions in the Waverley Division, the Eastern Metropolitan Region and State levels.

Vermont Secondary College has been extremely successful over many years, winning the majority of Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country championships in the Waverley Division.  Interest and participation in these events is always high, showing the dedication, enthusiasm and values for sport that VSC has.

Sports are offered each term with Vermont Secondary College staff coaching each team, and students are encouraged to participate in a sport of their choice per term.   Vermont field just over 120 teams per year across all year levels in the sports below.

Sports offered are as follows:

Term 1 โ€“ Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Cricket & Swimming

Term 2 โ€“ Golf, Netball, Aussie Rules, Badminton, Soccer & Cross Country

Term 3 โ€“ Basketball, Table Tennis, Hockey & Athletics

Our major events for the year include the House Swimming Carnival, House Athletics Carnival and the House Cross Country day, all held during Term 1.

In recent times VSC has had huge success in swimming, winning the Eastern Metropolitan Region competition and placing 10th in the state as well as consistently having students representing Vermont at the state level of all three competitions each year.

Vermont Secondary College has also implemented a Sporting Hall of Fame celebrating many of past students amazing achievements.