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Mobile Device, Computer & Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

16 March 2016

Staff and Students at Vermont Secondary College have a responsibility to ensure that they:

  1. I understand that VSC may modify the Mobile device, Computer & Internet AUP, the latest copy is available on
  2. I understand that it is a privilege and not a right to use computer & internet services provided by VSC

  3. I will keep my password safe and confidential and notify computer office staff in Room C22 immediately if I believe this information is accessed by anyone else

  4. I will not transfer, assign or share my account to be used by any other person

  5. I will not use my mobile device (eg iPad, phone), computer and Internet access for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful manner in relation to the laws of Victoria and Australia (eg no copying and installing or running of any computer software from or to the computer network without the college’s approval)

  6. Music, video, games, etc, that are not licensed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and/or VSC are not to be stored or used on VSC equipment unless approved by VSC

  7. I will use VSC computer equipment and internet services solely for appropriate classroom educational purposes only and will not access any files from removable devices such as USB-powered devices that are not part of classroom activities (eg computer games)

  8. I will not download or try to access any material that does not meet all the ethical standards required by VSC, my parents/guardians and/or teachers

  9. I will not use my mobile device or VSC computer systems and/or technologies to harass, bully, intimidate or threaten others

  10. I understand that VSC supports the eSmart schools program. I will follow and apply the VSC Cyber-Safety rules (see below)

  11. I understand that VSC has no control over the accuracy or appropriateness of any information on the Internet and that some may contain controversial and offensive material and VSC is not liable for any content found

  12. I will not deliberately or recklessly do anything that damages VSC’s equipment, software, setup and/or services

  13. I understand that VSC may delete without notice any material found on its storage disks that is; unauthorised, unlawful, obscene, excessive in volume, uncollected for a lengthy period of time, in an unauthorised place or considered inappropriate

  14. I understand that VSC may monitor and keep any record it requires for the purpose of this agreement and for the operation of its services

  15. I will report any faults to the supervising teacher or to the computer office staff in Room C22

  16. I will apply common sense and common decency in using computer equipment and respect other people’s feelings

  17. I understand that there is no access to a computer without the presence and supervision of a teacher

  18. I understand that no food/drink/sweets to be brought near a computer

  19. I will clean and tidy the area around the computer equipment before leaving

  20. I understand that VSC may terminate my Computer and Internet access immediately if I breach this agreement or cease to be a member of VSC

  21. I will not use my mobile device, computer or internet access in any way that contravenes VSC, DET, VCAA or other relevant guidelines.

  22. I will not distribute inappropriate information through social media which may discriminate/harass and/or breach other people’s privacy

  23. I will not tag and/or post any pictures or information online without permission as this breaches privacy and copyright laws

  24. For legal and safety reasons I will not use any VSC electrical power source to charge or play my personal electronic or mobile devices

  25. Any DET or College provided software installed on a personal device must be uninstalled by the IT department prior to exiting VSC

  26. Mobile devices may only be used with the express permission of the teacher for educational purposes within the classroom or during college programs

  27. Jail broken or hacked devices will not be connected to the school network

  28. I give VSC permission to create a Google Drive account for my child, access to educational websites or platforms eg apps as determined appropriate by the classroom teacher, these will be used solely for educational purposes

  29. I give permission for my child to view films, programs, documentaries and other materials rated G, PG and M that are deemed appropriate by the supervising teacher to enhance his/her learning.

Breaches of this policy will be directed to Student Managers and the consequences for breaches will be determined in consultation with the relevant staff member and/or Assistant Principal. Parent(s) / Guardian(s) will be notified.

Criminal charges may be brought against offenders in relation to state and federal legislation if required. Especially in the case of Cyber Bullying

If you damage VSC's equipment, software, setup or services you may be responsible for paying any repair costs.


Staff and Students at Vermont Secondary College have a responsibility to ensure that they:

  • do not add staff as 'friends' on their social networking sites
  • report any instances of cyber bullying to the Heads of House, Student Managers or a relevant member of staff
  • do not use mobile phones, cameras or other digital devices to record audio and visual material that is not authorised as part of the school curriculum
  • do not breach the privacy of students, staff and members of the college community through any unauthorised recording or filming;
  • do not distribute inappropriate information through digital media or other means;
  • advise students being victimised by cyber bullying to talk to an adult;
  • Offer to speak to an adult on behalf of the student who is being victimised by cyber bullying.

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