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Class of 1980-1985 30 Year Reunion

Class of 1970-1975 40 Year Reunion

Last call for anyone interested in the Class of 1980-1985 Thirty Year Reunion.
This is for those who attended year 7-1980, 8-1981, 9-1982, 10-1983, 11-1984 and year 12-1985.
To be held at the Manhattan Hotel 24 October 2015 (yes we know there are a few happening there that night).
We have around 90 attending so far and would love to see as many there as possible.
For further information please email

Saturday 10th October in Ringwood, bookings have closed.

Do you ever wonder what happened in the lives of former school friends and teachers, or in what ways you former school has grown and changed? As a former student of Vermont High School / Vermont Secondary College you are cordially invited to become a member of the Past Students' Association.

The Association seeks to provide a point of contact for students who have attended the College at some time. The aim of the Association is to facilitate the reconnection of former friends, organize social activities where members can get together either formally/informally or via our virtual community and provide access to memorabilia. Former teachers and staff of the school are also welcome to join.

A committee has been formed to establish the Association. Send them an email to be added to their mailing list and you will receive regular updates and information about coming events and other items of interest. You are encouraged to pass this information on to anyone that you have kept in contact with who may also be interested. A Heritage Gallery is also being established to recognise past students who have made significant contributions in their chosen careers and/or to society in general.

Should you be interested in being involved to help, provide feedback or support the Association in any way please feel free and encouraged to do so.

Want to know about upcoming events? Join our Mailing List.

Vermont Secondary College is committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality and security of personal information provided by you to us.

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