VSC International Student Program Brochure


International Students

Vermont Secondary College has a small International Student Program offering a limited number of places to International Students. These students are provided with excellent support both in the classroom and in the school community as a whole, and have regular meetings with the International Student Coordinator. The majority of the International Students attending Vermont Secondary College live with a parent or close relative. English as an Additional Language classes are an integral part of the curriculum

Parents and guardians of International students are encouraged to attend meetings to discuss the progress of their students and interpreters are provided where necessary.

We welcome our International Students to Vermont Secondary College and wish you every success while with us.

Vermont Secondary College has an outstanding co-curricular program in areas such as debating, sport and the performing arts which also includes the annual college production. While we wish you all the best with your educational performance we also actively encourage you to become involved in the broader college program beyond the classroom.

The college has a long history of excellent academic achievement and we look forward to your contribution to our college.


Vermont and Surrounding Area

Vermont is located approximately 30 kilometres from the central city of Melbourne. It is a well-established area with excellent transport links and a wide range of facilities.

Many shopping centres are located within easy reach of Vermont Secondary College. Eastland and Chadstone Shopping Centres are reached by a bus service which passes the school, and Knox City and The Glen are also close by. Apart from shopping, services such as banking, entertainment and restaurants are provided at these shopping centres. The closest station, Mitcham, provides fast and easy access to the city with frequent services, and trams to the city can be accessed at the nearly Vermont South shopping centre.

Vermont and surrounding suburbs have many recreational facilities, including a public golf course, swimming pool, parks, sports facilities and bicycle tracks. There are several sports stadiums which provide basketball, badminton and other sporting activities, and many sporting clubs cater to those who wish to play competitive sport. Vermont South Community House provides opportunities for new members of the community to meet informally and meet other recent arrivals.

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Key Contact Details

Cindy Wu,  International Student Coordinator



Suzanne Plant, Assistant Principal



Tony Jacobs,  Principal




For further information and application forms please visit the Department of Education and Training website for International Students at: http://www.study.vic.gov.au.


CRICOS provider number : 00861K

(Department of Education and Training)


Prospective homestay hosts

We welcome those interested in providing homestay to get in contact with us.

Please review the information below about the basic requirements.

If you are interested in being a homestay provider for Vermont Secondary College, please email cindy.wu@education.vic.gov.au


Information for prospective homestay hosts

Here is some information about the basic requirements of being a homestay host: