With current travel restriction due to COVID 19 we are currently not organising any overseas exchanges or tours. However, normally each year a number of our students spend time overseas in destinations such as France, Germany and the United States as participants in a variety of Exchange and Language programs. The College also hosts overseas students on exchange to Australia.



German Reciprocal Exchange with IGS Kaufungen (Hessen)

Our Exchange with our sister school in Kaufungen is in its 25th year and we are very pleased that the German reciprocal exchange continue to give the opportunity to many years 9 and 10 VSC students to welcome their exchange partners into Vermont SC and their families each year in October. The Vermont SC students return on exchange in March the following year; they spend time at our sister school and also travel to various cities around Germany, which makes it an unforgettable experience. We have a strong bond with our sister school in Kaufungen and the friendships built between exchange partners and families last beyond high school life.

French Tour

The French Study Tour takes place in the September school holidays and includes visits to world-famous monuments, galleries and castles, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum the Mont-St-Michel and the Loire Valley.  In addition, the trip gives students a cultural insight into French life, history and language.  Obviously, a comprehensive visit of Paris is a must and students also have the opportunity to experience daily life in a French family home. The tour runs for 2 weeks and its main goal is for students to access an authentic experience of what France has to offer and enhance their understanding of the language and culture. This Tour is open to students in Years 8 to 11, who preferably are French learners.



Vietnam Tour

The Vietnam & Cambodia Study Tour offered students an authentic experience beyond the classroom by immersing them in living history and culture. Students gained an invaluable experience that provided a greater understanding of history and enhanced their understanding of, and empathy for, their Asian neighbours. It was also a chance to provide some aid to those in need at orphanages and a school for the deaf. This opportunity and its inherent rewards engaged students and motivated them in their future studies as well as contributing to their global consciousness.



Around every three years, VSC sends a group of students on the Educational World Travel G’Day USA Tour.  The tour is 19 days long and sees the group travel to the west coast of the United States of America to Los Angeles, San Fransisco and San Diego.  Students will experience many famous places including Disneyland, Hollywood, Universal Studios and the Golden Gate Bridge, but the most rewarding experience from the tour consists of a 10 day home stay with a host family.  This optional tour is open to all students from years 8-12.