The College presents an annual production. Drama and Theatre Studies students are joined by a host of other students and are involved in sound, lighting, set design & construction, costumes, make up, front of house as well as performance.

There is a high level of parent and staff involvement in the production which runs over a two week period in August/September.


2022 Production – The Droswy Chaperone

The Drowsy Chaperone is a show that celebrated the many joys of musical theatre and the spellbinding escapism that musicals offer their audiences, and this spirit was embraced by this year’s production community. Students banded together to teach each other parts, support understudies and rehearse the many tricks that went into the show (from roller skating blindfolded to mastering quick changes) and did all this with smiles on their faces. They also put in the work to unpack the stereotypes and tropes that this show parodies, and reflect on the importance of accurate and nuanced representation in theatre. 


2021 Production – Matilda

At its core, Matilda is a show full of joy that celebrates what young people can achieve when they come together for a common cause. All students within this show truly embraced that message, and went above and beyond to bring creativity, flexibility, resilience and an attitude that centred on fun.