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German Success!

For Term 3 & 4 2021, Frau Ankenbrand’s class has been working on creating new and innovative products as a part of the Unternehmen Deutsch Goethe Institute competition.  More than 300 students from 18 schools participated in the popular Australia-wide ideas competition Enterprise German.  Three groups from Vermont Secondary College entered the competition and collaborated with their chosen German company in Australia.

There were three stages of the competition,

  • Module 1: Getting to know the domestic economy and finding a partner company. The students researched their chosen companies and began to form product ideas
  • Module 2: Each group contacted their chosen companies and got advice on product advertisement and development
  • Module 3: Students finalised their product details and created a poster and video advertisement in German.

Throughout these stages, students had the opportunity to develop their writing, reading and speaking skills in German, as well as getting insight on how businesses create and advertise successful products.

Of the 97 innovative ideas, the product designed by Year 10 students, Edric C, Summer S, Abbey S, and Jack W made it to the top 2 inventions.  It was then up to public vote to decide who won the competition.  

A big thank you to all involved, especially to the students of Vermont Secondary College who cast their vote online for the ‘BOSCH – Spülmaschine der Zukunft’.  We would like to thank Fiona Thornton from BOSCH who helped the winning group develop their product, and the Goethe Institute for running the competition and sponsoring the prizes.


Year 10 German Class